cnlab Speedtest
Speedtest for crowd-sourced benchmarking

Internet users use the cnlab Speedtest to check the performance of their own internet connection.

  • Measuring the data rates and analyzing the response time
  • Detailed information and help with the home network environment
  • Review of the internet connection provided by the ISP
  • Optimized for many different environments
Speedtest and crowd-sourced benchmarking
User-Experience: Monitoring and Alarming
Network performance: monitoring and alarming
Load and stress test

Other information on the speed test programs for internet users can be found at Speedtest.

The results of all cnlab speed test measurements are collected in a central database and available to the cnlab licensees online. The Private Accessnet Benchmarking (PAB) systems of cnlab permit detailed performance checks of your broadband connections. Several thousand private customers use the cnlab Speedtest every day in Switzerland. This way, we can make statistically relevant statements on the situation in Switzerland referring to differences based on geography and time of the day referring to different providers.


Many internet service providers offer the cnlab Speedtest on their own reference systems. They thereby show their wish for quality and transparency. Thanks to the integrated trouble ticket and analysis functions, they can reduce the workload of their own Helpdesk. cnlab licensees can view not only the performance data of their own offers, but also those of competitors.


The offers of the cnlab speed test comprise reference systems, cnlab Speedtest apps, as well as visualizations and analysis functions:


  • Reference systems:
    • Every cnlab licensee operates a dedicated reference system in its network (ISP Backbone), so that its customers can verify the performance capacity of their own internet service providers without any impairment due to transfers to other networks.
    • The server needs a connection with 10 Gbit/s and must be accessible through the internet.
    • The hardware of the reference system may be an appliance of cnlab or an ISP-owned server (according to cnlab hardware specification).
    • Installation and maintenance of the reference system take place by cnlab.
  • cnlab Speedtest apps
    • cnlab provides the cnlab Speedtest applications for Windows, macOS, Android and iOS free of charge.
    • All measurement results of the applications are stored in a central database at cnlab. They are visible to all licensees.
  • Evaluation platform
    • The evaluation platform is operated by cnlab.
    • The platform offers a detailed view of all individual measurements of the ISP customers.
    • The integrated trouble ticket function and optimized view for Helpdesk use supports the ISP support in error analysis together with the customer.
    • Statistical evaluations of the download and upload data rates and response times of the customer measurements can be used as an objective reference.
    • Comparison with the measurements of the customers of competitors is possible at any time.
    • When providing the connection information for every customer measurement, ISP-expanded evaluations can be performed concerning target achievement, technology, modem performance or subscription distribution.

For further information on the Speedtest and Private Accessnet Benchmarking systems, please contact Eric Franke.