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Network performance: monitoring and alarming

By working with the cnlab measuring systems, we have gained specific experience in network performance and developed comprehensive know-how. You can use our experiences for your own performance analyses. cnlab consultants and engineers will help you formulate and solve performance problems. An integrated view of networks and the client-server systems used is at the focus at all times.


cnlab develops and operates performance-monitoring systems with in-house measuring probes. They continually record performance parameters such as availability, download and upload data rates or response times for cnlab reference systems and web servers around the world. For cnlab Controlled Accessnet Benchmarking (CAB) licensees, we thus monitor the quality of the connection network and the international connections. We will trigger alarms in case of unexpected behavior. This way, our licensees will be able to react to problems and bottlenecks early on. At the moment, more than 300 CAB measuring probes are in operation across Switzerland.


Another component for quality control and problem analysis is Internet Backbone Benchmarking (IBB). For this, measuring probes are installed in the backbone of the ISP, which monitor the international connections with about 200 web servers distributed around the world. All licensees are able to view the results online and to compare the performance of the international connections and peerings with their competitors. cnlab compiles periodical reports on the measuring data and points out potential improvements to the licensees.


Another area of use of the cnlab measuring probes is review of Service Level Agreements (SLA) on network level. The focus is usually on compliance with availability or the minimum data rate of a company connection.


Network performance: performance overview

  • Engineering for analysis of network performance problems
  • Development of performance measuring tools and measuring methods
  • Review, monitoring and alarming of the network performance
  • Analysis and evaluation of the network performance parameters
  • Protocol-specific analyses (TCP/IP, DNS, IMAP, SMTP)
  • Comparison with other customers (comparison among the ISPs)
Speedtest and crowd-sourced benchmarking
User-Experience: Monitoring and Alarming
Network performance: monitoring and alarming
Load and stress test

For further information on the network performance monitoring and alarming, please contact Eric Franke.