cnlab Speedtest
Load and stress test

Before a new application is used, it must be determined whether the application will withstand the expected load. cnlab provides the possibility to test your applications with a synthetically generated load. Such load tests will point out the performance limits that can then be discussed with the customer and its suppliers/operators and remedied. Only when the application's performance is high enough even with the maximum expected number of active users should it be released for productive operation.


  • Load tests make it possible to identify performance bottlenecks. Frequently, issues can be resolved with simple measures.
  • Problems during go-live of an application (e.g. due to wrong system parameters) will be recognized in load tests and can be remedied in time.
  • By steadily increasing the load, the performance limits of the system can be identified.
  • By applying appropriate measures (e.g. limitations of number of sessions, introduction of a "waiting room"), systems can be built for acceptable reaction even close to the load thresholds.


The figure below sketches the typical system configuration for load tests. The load generators can be located here in Switzerland (own hardware) or in the Amazon cloud, depending on requirements.

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Load and stress test

We will document our actions in a written report. The report contains information about the initial situation, the measurement setup, applied test methods as well as performed measurements. After analyzing the results, we will interpret them and provide recommendations for possible next steps.

For further information on the load and stress test, please contact Lukas Frey.