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With the cnlab UX Test, internet users can check the quality of their internet connections. Every day, we receive several thousand data records for quality analyses for our customers.

Release Notes cnlab UX Test

Date Version Version Notes
09.03.2021 1.9.2 Imporove HTTPS measurements
30.11.2020 1.9.1 Bugfix Release for Mac OS Systems
23.11.2020 1.9.0 Settings revised
Corrected double speedometer 'ticks'
Small improvements in the WLAN display
Detection of the data rate of the local Ethernet adapter
New update dialog
01.07.2020 1.8.0 New help texts, various bug fixes
22.04.2020 1.7.0 Update Java Runtime to fix various access authorizations and queries on MAC OS and Windows. Small adjustments in the animation layout.
20.05.2019 1.6.4 BugFix for automatic startup measurement, layout issue in update dialog
06.05.2019 1.6.3 Facelift Release: Redesign of the application, new overview of the local saved results
14.03.2018 1.5.3 BugFixes and internal updates, new links to new cnlab web site
08.11.2017 1.5.2 BugFixes
06.11.2017 1.5.1 BugFixes for HTTPS measurements to some reference systems
10.03.2017 1.5.0 New Features: Geolocation recording, new network animation, about Speedtest dialog
19.09.2016 1.4.1 BugFixes for DNS measurements in Windows 
14.08.2016 1.4.0

New Features: help for different dialogs and overviews, automatic server selection, dialog for used licenses

01.04.2016 1.3.0 BugFixes for Java Update 1.8u66 and touchscreen PCs
05.02.2016 1.2.2 BugFixes
14.11.2015 1.2.1 BugFixes
21.06.2015 1.1.0 New Feature: WIFI analyzing and WIFI overview
03.03.2015 1.0.1 New Features: mobile interface detection, HTTPS measurements
14.01.2015 1.0.0 BugFixes
26.11.2014 0.10.0 First desktop version
27.10.2014 0.9.0 New Features: support for probable measurement limitations, added support to detect WiFi
31.07.2014 0.7.1 Changes for Java 8 Update
02.05.2014 0.7.0 Integration non-linear gauge
12.05.2014 0.6.1 Layout Bugfix for 0.6.0
10.05.2014 0.6.0 Made the application fit for JavaFX 8
24.03.2014 0.5.0 New Feature: Cancel Measurements
20.03.2014 0.4.0 Integration for external IP/Hostname detection
07.03.2014 0.3.0 First Java Applet Update with user settings