cnlab Speedtest
Custom software development

We develop and maintain specialized software to support our clients' business processes and to present their services and data on the market.

Depending on the needs, the solutions are built as stand-alone desktop applications, as web-based solutions or as pure server applications.

Mobile Apps
Custom software development
Support in customer projects
Outdoor object tracking


  • Dimensioning software for construction engineers (Java-FX-based, integrated patch updater, native installer for Windows)
  • Performance cockpit for network operators (graphical evaluation tool for speed test measurement results, different characteristics for end customers and providers)
  • Website monitoring (highly available cluster application for measuring the response times of your website and UI for data evaluation. cnlab Web-Monitor)
  • Traffic data acquisition (collection and processing of information about individual traffic (both real-time and statistical data) of different terminal types)
  • Outdoor object tracking (football application)
  • Secure File Transfer (protected file transfer on the internet)
  • Reporting tool (internal tool for recording project expenses, attendance times, expenses, holidays, etc.)