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Welcome to the cnlab Performance Wiki. Here we answer the most important questions about our Speedtest apps and explain various influencing factors in your measuring environment. The basis for the following sections is this system overview.

System Overview
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The figure shows a simplified view a personal Internet access. The customer devices are located in the home network and are connected to the router via a LAN cable (Ethernet) or Wi-Fi. The router connects the home network to the ISP (Internet Service Provider) network. Depending on the ISP, this connection is made using one of the three connection technologies xDSL, FTTH, or DOCSIS (cable network). The access network ends at the provider edge and gives access to various ISP services. The routing and peering of the ISPs provides access to various Internet services.

Within the four zones home network, access network, backbone and Internet, various problems and errors can occur. The picture shows an overview of possible losses while surfing the web as well as doing performance and speed tests.


Instructions and recommendations for optimizing your home network can be found here in the Wiki!