Products and services

We provide support during development and testing of software components, and of complete IT systems.

  • Many customers need tailored IT solutions. Our engineers support you in all modern (and even in not so modern) languages and technologies.
  • Development is normally done in teams. Our engineers support your teams as temporary team members. So we can fill gaps in the know-how, and in personnel capacities.
  • The performance of web applications gains importance. Based on professional load testing of your application you obtain a reliable forecast of the behavior of the application in the real world.
  • Testing of complex products is difficult. We support you via functional tests, where experts from outside the development teams have a critical and non-biased view on your products.
  • With the cnlab web monitor infrastructure we can supervise and monitor the behavior of your application around the clock. Such supervision wil make unexpected behavior visible, even if it is based on very slow degration of the system.