cnlab Speedtest
User experience: monitoring and alarming

cnlab User Experience (UX) monitoring tools enable you to monitor response times of your web applications (web presence, online shop, web services, etc.) at all times. You will be able to see how response times develop over time.


Slowly degrading performance, for example caused by steadily growing database contents or problems occurring on short notice due to new releases will be made visible. You will be able to detect performance loss before your customers complain.


In case of failures, you will be notified immediately so that you can initiate any required actions.


Evaluations based on the time of the day and the weekday will point out any time-dependent performance bottlenecks.


The following figure sketches the structure of our system. All measurements are performed in our highly available cluster. The results are stored in the database and can be evaluated through a web application.

Speedtest and crowd-sourced benchmarking
User-Experience: Monitoring and Alarming
Network performance: monitoring and alarming
Load and stress test

You can get an impression of the functionality with the demo account. Details on the access:


For further information about this product/service, please contact Andreas Amrein.