Weather Station

MWS 6 professional weather station has a special method of measuring wind direction and wind speed (0 to 50 km/h): Three wind speed sensors record the necessary values. As there are no mobile parts, even lowest start speeds can be measured. A pyranometer for measuring global radiation (solar energy) is standard as are temperature, relative humidity, dewpoint and barometric pressure. Precipitation is measured with an optional sensor. The high quality steel housing holds all the sensors and the complete evaluation electronics. There is one free input for connecting another sensor (voltages between 0 and 4Volt). Data are transmitted via digital, serial interfaces (e.g. RS232). Its comfortable menu-driven software can be used with MSWINDOWS® (from versions 3.x to 2000) or MSDOS® (please indicate when you order). Connection with one 4-wire connection in a plug and play procedure.

Supplier: REINHARDT System- und Messelectronic GmbH, Diessen-Obermühlhausen, Germany


Global Radiation

Values over 600 W/m² indicate a beautiful day. The maximum expected value at the location of Rapperswil is 1200 W/m².

Atmospheric Humidity


On display this value is computed to sea level for better interpretation.

Wind Direction

Wind Speed

Wind Speed in Beaufort

The Beaufort scale for measuring the effect of the wind ashore:
0 calm 0-0.2 m/s: Zero wind, smoke rises staight.
1 light air 0.9 m/s: Course of the smoke can be identified, weathervane does not agitate.
2 light breeze 2.5 m/s: Wind perceptible at the face. Weathervane moves.
3 gentle breeze 4.4 m/s: Leaves and thin branches move.
4 moderate
6.7 m/s: Wind lifts dust and paper, moves branches and thin branches.
5 fresh breeze 9.3 m/s: Small deciduous trees begin to move.
6 strong breeze 12.3 m/s: Strong branches in motion. Whistles in voice grade channels.
7 near gale 15.5 m/s: Whole trees in motion. Perceptible inhibition when walking.
8 gale 19.0 m/s: Wind breaks branches. Walking more difficult.
9 strong gale 22.6 m/s: Small damages to buildings (roofing tiles thrown off).
10 storm 26.5 m/s: Trees are rootet out. Severe damage to buildings.
11 violent storm 30.6 m/s: Devastations
12 hurricane > 34.8 m/s: Heaviest devastations

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